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The magnificent Mr. Stubbs

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

Any time you can use the word "soulful" to describe someone -- or the art they produce -- it commands our attention.  Levi Stubbs was soulful. He commanded our attention.  His voice appears on the soundtrack album of our times.  His music moves people, and makes them move.  We'll pay tribute to the magnificent Mr. Stubbs on the broadcast tonight.  We'll also take stock of the economy and the election, with 18 days to go.  I had a pretty decent seat -- behind both Obama and McCain and next to Kissinger -- at last night's Al Smith dinner here in New York -- where appropriately, there was more than one tribute to our friend Tim, and so many people felt the need to mention him to me -- to touch that shared nerve, and note the loss at the event he loved so much.

I hope you can join us tonight, I also hope you have a good weekend.