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The next day

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

While the news hasn't changed much (still two major stories, a still-grim economic outlook, and the still-grim situation in Texas) we now prepare for another night's broadcast, and apologies for last night's post: it was a mix-up due to being in transit to CNBC Headquarters. I thought last night's broadcast went well, in that it did exactly what I set out to do: we were able to tap into the expertise of our friends at CNBC who cover the economy and markets for a living. The markets settled down a little bit today, but the story remains, as CNBC put it this past hour, "The battle to save AIG" -- the insurance giant with tentacles throughout the U.S. economy. In fact, that's the subject of two pieces of note this morning on the New York Times op-ed page -- the other was David Brooks on Palin. My other favorite story of the day has to do with a false alarm -- the news this morning (we heard about it on our morning conference call) that a great find from Civil War history might have been discovered. Can't win 'em all. We're back at it from our home studio tonight -- which reminds me: our director, Brett Holey, did some research...it shows our travel schedule this summer (so THAT'S what happened to this Summer!) has been so grueling that we haven't done a full week's worth of broadcasts in our studio here in New York since June 23rd. Further, with four debates on the schedule, it will likely be a full 5 months until our next 5-day week of broadcast from "home base". As Hyman Roth once said: this is the life we have chosen.

We hope you can join us tonight.