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Anatomy of a rumor

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

We are at the cathedral of the Denver Broncos -- Invesco Field -- which for tonight only is a Democratic cathedral. 

When we arrived here in Denver days ago, the rumor was a "music legend" was going to perform prior to Obama's speech tonight. That quickly morphed into "Bruce Springsteen is playing." I guess people figured: Springsteen's a legend, and he has endorsed Obama. All true. Except: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band never planned on playing here. They put out denials for days...then the rumor was repeated by Maureen Dowd in a New York Times column. Now we've gone to a new defcon level: they have ASKED US to tell everyone they're not coming here, and never planned to. Tonight this crowd (as was previously scheduled) will hear from Sheryl Crow and Stevie Wonder (remember that expression "music legend"?) and John Legend and others. Al Gore will speak, and then Senator Obama will give his acceptance speech -- and then we will briefly fly home, empty dirty laundry from our suitcases, replace it with clean stuff and fly to St. Paul for the GOP convention. All the while, we are watching Gustav and horrified at some of the projections for the path of the storm. I hope I don't need to repeat in this space our concern for, our interest in, or our love for New Orleans. They are on our minds as we head into the night.

Thanks for joining us again tonight. Please join us for our prime time special -- we feel confident we can offer the very best live coverage of Obama's speech.