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If it's Saturday...

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

...It must be Denver.  Just because we haven't been on enough airplanes lately, last night, Andrea Mitchell and I flew overnight to Denver. Andrea had been the first to report, on last night's broadcast, that barring an emergency or last-minute change: it would be Biden. By the time we were wheels-down in Denver, we had confirmation.

We both hit the ground and went right to work. I went to our local NBC Station, KUSA, and she went to the convention venue (the venerable "Pepsi Center") where we reported for Weekend TODAY. 

 We are in position in front of the Convention Site for Nightly News. From here on in—for the next week—it's all about powering through. Thanks for tuning in, Lester Holt will join us by remote for the Beijing anchor leg, and we'll all be back on the air in the same places tomorrow night.