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NBA granted license for Iranian basketball player

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is an update from a previous post, "Trading with the enemy"

By Robert Windrem, Investigative Producer/Special Projects

The Office of Foreign Assets Control on Wednesday granted the NBA a license that will permit its teams to negotiate with Hamed Ehadadi, the center on the Iranian Olympic Team. Yahoo! Sports reported that the league has sent out an email to all NBA teams clearing the way for the Olympics leading rebounder—a 7'2" giant—to negotiate with any of them.

However, the league warned teams that they will have to seek league approval for any deal with Ehadadi or another Iranian player attracting NBA attention, guard Mohammadsamad Nik Khahbahrami. The league general counsel explained that transactions involving Iranian nationals need to be constructed in such a way that they don't violate the US sanctions laws.

In an interview with the Tehran Times Tuesday, Ehadadi said, "I will undoubtedly join Memphis Grizzlies by the end of next week. I met Memphis' officials yesterday to discuss joining the team… I received many offers from European teams but just playing in the NBA is my dream. Hopefully, I can join Memphis as soon as possible without any problem."