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Wednesday from Beijing

By Ann Curry, NBC News Anchor

Yours truly is sitting in as Brian heads home from Beijing tonight and the Nightly News team is preparing a report on today's breaking news, a major Spanish airline plane crash in Madrid.

With some 150 people killed, the cause is under intense scrutiny. There are survivors; what might they tell us? Tom Costello will have perspective.

Also tonight, Tom Brokaw on an increasing concern for America: the gap between science education in the U.S. and China; Chuck Todd will unveil some telling findings in the new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll numbers on the presidential race; and Kevin Tibbles reports on why the U.S. women's volleyball team is being loudly cheered by China. Here's a hint: you may want to remember the name Lang Ping.

Rushing now at 4 a.m. here to help prepare the broadcast. See you then.