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Next they'll make us walk

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

A story you'll next hear on tonight's broadcast: US Airways is eliminating snacks in coach effective June 1st. You know those pretzels, or the pouch of 3 cookies served as "breakfast" on flights before noon that often have to suffice as a meal? Forget it. They will still serve basic fluids -- apparently recognizing passenger rights to stay hydrated and maintain a measurable pulse during the flight -- but that's it.

Ran out of time today. Just came from a seat on the floor at a China planning meeting, and now the day is off at a full gallop. Charity benefit dinner tonight, the third in three straight nights.

We're watching politics, a massive fire in Peabody, Mass, a gathering weather situation in the Eastern Plains and more. All by way of saying: we hope you can join us tonight.