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Standing up

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

Allow me, please, to direct your attention to the cause that unites us all these days: cancer. As you may have seen, I did something unusual today: I spent the morning with my competitors. Charlie and Katie and I hopped in an SUV and went to all three network morning shows, to unveil the new campaign called Stand Up To Cancer.

We are enormously proud of it, gratified that our employers are fully supporting it, and we all have our own family stories of involvement in the fight against cancer. By my own accounting, everyone does.

TodayIt was a great morning. Whatever people might think of these jobs we are so lucky to have, and however fierce the competition can sometimes get, the three of us have a very easy relationship. We understand each other and have known one another for many years. I was proud to be in their company as a part of this project this morning, and we hope to make more appearances together to promote the cause, raising awareness and funds.

Please take a moment and explore the website, and consider making someone a "star", as I did with my late sister. Cancer has hit three members of my family, and it took two of them away from us. It truly is time we all stood up.

We're compiling tonight's broadcast now (all three anchors having retreated to their respective newsrooms) and we hope you can join us.

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