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Surfacing for news

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

My thanks to Lester Holt for filling in, and allowing me to be with my family yesterday. After a weekend of family cookouts, the annual Memorial Day parade, and a visit with my Father on the sparkling Jersey shore -- it's back to work here in New York. It was an eventful weekend: a heartbreaker for Danica at Indy, the horrendous weather in the Midwest , and the staggering losses to the entertainment industry, both of which we will mark on the broadcast tonight: Dick Martin, one of our own here at NBC, and the outstanding Sydney Pollack.

The understatement of the weekend was a quote I found on a wire service story on the web: after a Kalitta Air 747 cargo jet (auto racing fans might recognizing the Kalitta name from the world of drag racing -- the air charter firm was indeed founded by racing family patriarch Connie Kalitta) broke in half after a rough landing in Belgium, an official was quoted as saying the aircraft was "very seriously damaged." Broken in half...that would pretty much qualify as "very serious" damage. Anything that can't be repaired with duct tape -- especially on an aircraft -- is pretty serious.

We hope you can join us for our Tuesday night broadcast tonight -- we're back on the job in New York.