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Honor 365

By Lester Holt, NBC News anchor

In a nation at war, is one day a year enough to properly honor the fallen? Tomorrow, most Americans will return to their jobs, classrooms, and regular day to day lives. For one group of dedicated women, however, paying tribute to America's veterans is a full time commitment.

Tonight, NBC correspondent Jim Miklaszewski tells the story of the "Arlington Ladies," a group of volunteers who attend every funeral at Arlington National Cemetery and offer hand written condolences to the families of the dead.

They are remarkable individuals who remind us all that service, sacrifice, and gratitude don't require a holiday.

In addition, there is potential for more severe weather. We'll be reporting the latest on the deadly tornadoes that hit Iowa and Minnesota last evening, and get some answers as to why this tornado seasons is on a record pace.

Mike Taibbi is looking into the ways high gas prices are affecting Americans on this usually busy travel weekend. We'll also tell you what's next for scientists, now that that Mars lander "Phoenix" has successfully touched down on the surface of the red planet.

Brian Williams returns tomorrow, meantime I hope you'll join me for the Monday edition of NBC Nightly News.