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Nervousness. Embarrassment. Hope.

By Ann Curry, NBC News anchor

All three emotions flood through me, as I wait to see tonight's story NBC Nightly News is airing about my father's death from cancer last month, as part a series on aging parents.

A lot of the images are from my video camera, but in my grief, I have not been able to look at them, and did not participate in putting the story together, as a matter of journalistic integrity. So I am nervous.

The embarrassment comes from knowing Bob Curry has had more than his fair share of airtime on NBC News, especially since he is not a newsmaker at all.

But because losing these irreplaceable ones, our parents is a suffering we all share, there is a chance tonight's story might be useful to you watching. That's why Dad agreed to let me record these glimpses inside our family's suffering. I am not certain what sense I made speaking about this in an interview so soon after losing him, but I deeply hope you benefit, so I can make one last wish come true for him.

To you then, with love.