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One thing in particular

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

This has been the most changeable day in months. In the course of just the last hour we've had three stories in the lead position, and as I write this we have a few hours yet to go until airtime.

So I've chosen to use my posting today to talk about one thing in particular: our final piece tonight. It's from Ann Curry. It's about her father, his fight against cancer and his eventual death on April 13th.

Bob was a great man, and he raised a great daughter. This story is emotional -- almost hard to watch. I don't think Ann will mind me saying that its my understanding that she is not planning to watch herself. This was difficult for her -- she did it for us, and for the audience, in keeping with the design of the Trading Places series: caring for elderly parents.
My own father is still recovering from abdominal surgery (on top of, in order, a heart attack, cancer surgery, two fractured hips and subsequent replacements and a pacemaker) and one of these days I will take a camera along with me when I visit him and we'll air an update.

Tonight we hear a very personal story from a friend of ours...a woman of such dignity and humanity and affection. That is probably why it's so hard to watch.

We hope you can join us tonight.