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The news

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

That they said a prayer in the Republican and Democratic Senate caucuses today says a lot about the news we received earlier this afternoon, and the man it concerns. It was a fear of so many who heard the news Saturday morning: Senator Ted Kennedy had suffered a seizure. Those who know that brain tumors sometimes present that way were given pause -- and a good many folks have spent the past few days hoping that it would turn out to be something else.

Image: Ted KennedyBecause of the times we live in, and the man we're talking about, it's inevitable that much of the coverage of Senator Kennedy's illness will be viewed through a partisan lens. Viewed instead through the lens of American history, it's important to remember that Edward Moore Kennedy, in the course of his lifetime, lost a brother, a sister, a brother, a brother and a sister. Joe, Kick, Jack, Bobby and Rosemary. Ted endures. As the nucleus of the family, the Irish-American political dynasty, as the liberal lion, as the icon from Massachusetts. A uniquely American figure -- flawed and checkered, robust and ebullient, fighter and survivor. Now this father of two cancer survivors enters the "cancer community" himself. So many of us are members -- either personally or by extension. At a hearing two weeks ago, Ted Kennedy called for a "new war on cancer", never dreaming he'd soon be a warrior himself.

We'll have coverage of this news tonight, as well as tonight's primaries. We have an exclusive story on oil, and we begin the reprise of a terrifically popular series called "Trading Places." We hope you can join us tonight.