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NBC News President responds to the White House complaint

NBC News president Steve Capus responded to Ed Gillespie's letter complaining about the editing of NBC News' interview with Pres. Bush.

Here is a link to the text of  Ed Gillespie's letter. Below is Capus' email:

Mr. Gillespie,

I'm in receipt of your email and want to assure you we take this matter very seriously.

We appreciated President Bush's decision to do the interview with NBC News, and believe Mr. Engel's reporting accurately reflects the discussion with the President.

Let me assure you, there was no effort to be "deceptive," as you suggest. Furthermore, the notion this was, "deceitful editing to further a media-manufactured storyline," is a gross misrepresentation of the facts.

In fact, the entire interview was posted Sunday on our website, MSNBC.com, thus allowing everyone to draw their own conclusions about it, the subject matter and our editing. In addition, the entire section in dispute has already aired, unedited, on NBC's Today program and in edited form on other NBC News broadcasts.

Editing is a part of journalism. We take the collective body of information surrounding a story, distill it and produce a report. We strive in all cases to be fair and accurate. In some instances, where appropriate, we offer interviews in their entirety — in live broadcasts, or posted on our website.

Your letter goes on to address a series of issues beyond this matter. I think it wise to discuss those matters in a more appropriate forum.

We take our jobs and responsibilities seriously and respectfully suggest the interview was conducted in like manner.


Steve Capus

Editor's note:

Here was the video as in it aired on Nightly News last Sunday:


Here is the full interview, posted on msnbc.com on Sunday: