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Tough one to watch

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

We are doing something a bit different tonight in airing a very powerful story from China -- from our British broadcasting partners at ITN. Because of our shrinking attention span -- we can't air enough reminders of the scope of the twin tragedies the world is dealing with right now in China and Myanmar, the former Burma. This is gripping stuff, at times hard to watch, but revealing and striking at the same time.

We have a lot of political coverage tonight (on the eve of another Democratic primary) in addition to news from Texas and a story from the world of health.

I was privileged and happy to be on hand for SNL this weekend, as the show and cast wrapped up another season. Their fall premiere has been moved up in order to make the most of our political calendar, but it's still going to seem like a long time to go without late-night appointment television on Saturday nights.

And a heads-up: we're going to be revisiting some of our popular "Trading Places" series of reports, where members of the NBC News family talk about caring for their aging parents. It will begin tomorrow night and is a subject we will revisit from time to time.

We hope you can join us tonight.