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Close to home

By Lester Holt, NBC News Anchor

The routine in the Nightly News newsroom was briefly disrupted today as we reacted to some breaking news right below our 30 Rock headquarters.  An SUV ran up onto the sidewalk, striking a pedestrian before coming to rest along the edge of the famous Rockefeller Plaza ice rink.  The pedestrian was treated for minor injuries at the scene, and we've since learned the driver was a pregnant woman who had just gone into labor. She was whisked away by an ambulance. It was unsettling to watch, and we are certainly hoping the mom and her baby will be ok. It goes without saying they are in all of our thoughts today.

While that's a story you likely won't see on our program tonight, we do have a pretty full plate of news on this Sunday afternoon, including Richard Engel's exclusive sit-down interview with President Bush in Egypt.  Richard got the President Bush's reaction to the political flap he caused back here at home over his "appeasement" remarks made during that address before the Israeli parliament last week. Richard will also tell us about the tepid reception Mr. Bush received today before a mostly Arab audience at the World Economic Forum meeting.

NBC's Ann Thompson is in Boston for us again tonight to update the condition of Senator Edward Kennedy, who was hospitalized following a seizure at his Cape Cod home Saturday.

The stories and pictures coming out of disaster struck China are no less compelling even after days of rescue and recovery operations.  Tonight, Ian Williams takes an extraordinary journey into some hard hit villages to show how rescuers are moving mountains to reach the victims.

Our Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski has a fascinating story on the impact of the military's "stop loss" program which has prevented almost 60,000 American troops from leaving the service at the end of their regular enlistments.

The story that has brought a smile to many of our faces is tonight's spot from correspondent Mark Potter about the little circus that can. Though this troupe performs under a surplus army tent, and has suffered everything from political defections to performers who are afraid of heights, they still manage to generate some big top worthy excitement.  I hope you'll tune it for it.

Lastly, a reminder; as of this weekend the Saturday and Sunday editions of Nightly News are now available as a netcast. If you miss the over the air broadcast you can now watch it in its entirety right here on the on our Web site.