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Kennedy update

By Lester Holt, NBC News Anchor

A line of reporters, cameras and satellite trucks is gathered in front of the emergency room at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, ready to report any news on the condition of Senator Edward Kennedy. The initial report was that he had suffered symptoms of a stroke, but a spokesman for his office later described it as "a seizure."  Little else, however, was immediately forthcoming. The information vacuum has left a lot of room for discussion about what he may have been stricken by, the causes, severity, and recovery. We will pick up our coverage this evening with Anne Thompson's reporting from Boston. Anne will walk us through exactly what we know while Dr. Nancy Snyderman will join me here in New York to discuss strokes and seizures, as well as the treatment Sen. Kennedy underwent last fall to unblock a major artery in his neck.

During this campaign cycle, Sen. Kennedy has been an active campaigner on behalf of Sen. Barack Obama. Lee Cowan will have more on that, and how all three major presidential candidates reacted to Kennedy's health scare.


We get a new view from the ground in cyclone-stricken Myanmar. NBC's Martin Fletcher managed to get inside the country where he will show us why a distribution bottle neck continues to deprive victims of what they need. Kevin Tibbles will share the story of a man who even though he lost both his legs, is hoping to break new ground on the Olympic running track.


Finally, if you miss tonight's live broadcast, I have some great, and long-awaited news. Starting this evening, a weekend edition of the Nightly News netcast is available. This allows you to watch the entire program here on your computer screen, or even on your iPod. On our Web site, nightly.msnbc.com, you'll find netcast information in the "Special series and related links" section, located just below the video player.  


We'll look for you later, wherever you happen to be watching.