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Unlikely rice

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

If you measure life's occurrences through the prism of our newsroom -- our daily editorial meetings and the broadcasts we air each night -- I'm not sure what it says about our world. A few days ago no one in the national media was giving much thought to rice -- except perhaps those who do the family shopping and had reason to know its price had risen globally 140% over the past year. Ditto the housing market, in that it only got to where it is now over the last few months.

We have some interesting stories tonight -- including a high-interest story on lasik surgery (if you're considering it or if you've had it, you'll want to see this) and a strange occurrence (what is it about strange occurrences this week?) in Alaska, which is my personal favorite story of the day. We also have a revealing interview with John McCain -- and right now I'm watching some supercell storms roll through parts of Texas and the upper Plains.

So we'll put it all together in some manageable fashion for your approval tonight. I continue to read all posts -- and wish I had the time to respond to all.