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About last night

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

Having lost more than one family member to cancer, the segment/interview we aired with Senator Specter was something I found so meaningful to work on -- I was so gratified today to see the viewer response was largely the same. Thanks for enjoying it as much as I did working on it.

I want to slip off into the weekend having called your attention to several things -- several of them under one umbrella. Our friends at Slate have a confluence of riches posted on their site at this moment: the excerpted feature on "The New Censorship," the Hillary Clinton campaign watch they've set up, and a great slide show on the life and extraordinary works of Edward Hopper.

The blindingly smart George Packer has done a great bit of satiric writing on the state of this campaign, and Josh Green (who has some history with the Clinton campaign) is out to prove that religion can, I guess, cut both ways.

This current national "discussion" we're having argues, I believe, for watching the superb "John Adams" series on HBO. Each frame of it is a lesson in how issues like religion were dealt with by the Framers.

Image: TIME, Interracial weddingWe've also uncovered an incredible Time magazine cover story from 1967 -- about the union of two people, shocking in its time -- and related to a present-day storyline.

One last thing: bravo to the TSA for recognizing a clear and present danger to aviation safety. Sheesh.

My thanks to Skip for his post to this blog (see yesterday's comments) -- about the nicest kind to recieve in this line of work. Now I'm off to answer some questions from Newsvine folks, and to start that weekend I mentioned. I hope you all have a safe and restful weekend, unless you have other plans! We'lll see you back here Monday night. My friend Hoda Kotb is filling in for my buddy Lester this weekend, so do try to join her both nights.