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Peanut butter from beyond

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

I arrived home last night to find a box, shipped Fed Ex, no note -- just a layer of styrofoam peanuts...covering up a case of peanut butter. The jars are marked: BUCKLEY'S BEST PEANUT BUTTER -- from the Red Wing Peanut Butter company in Fredonia, New York. It is the very same gift William F. Buckley sent me after our first meeting over 15-years ago, as chronicled here, now arriving again anonymously, after his death.

I had to laugh at the thought: after his departure from this earth, we are still enjoying, in his name, the product which bears the inscription on the label: "It is quite simply incomparable" -- below which is the reproduced signature of William F. Buckley. I'm aggressively checking into our corporate policy on accepting gifts of peanut butter. Could this be a corporate attempt to buy my favor? No way. I'm already in the tank for Red Wing. Bill Buckley stood for a lot over the course of his lifetime. His critics will tell you he was wrong as often as he was right...but he sure was right about really good peanut butter.