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Gloves Off

by Lester Holt, NBC News Anchor

The race for the Democratic presidential nomination just moved into new territory.  Anger. NBC correspondent Ron Allen, who was covering Hillary Clinton in Ohio today, alerted us that her tone today was unlike anything he had heard from her thus far. She unloaded on Barack Obama, accusing him of spreading campaign leaflets with "blatantly false" statements about her health care plan. "Shame on you, Barack Obama," she said as she suggested his actions are contrary to the image he projects in his speeches.  If there was any doubt her campaign is changing tactics to attack Obama more directly, Mrs. Clinton said in a challenging tone, "meet me in Ohio," where she will debate Obama on Tuesday.  Ron Allen will lead off our coverage tonight with more of what Senator Clinton had to say, and the quick response from the Obama camp.  NBC's political director Chuck Todd will also come on with me to discuss the new Clinton strategy, and how it could affect the upcoming contests in Ohio and Texas.

NBC's Chris Jansing will update us on a story we reported some time ago about a cancer survivor who took on the health insurance company that dropped her in the middle of her treatments.  She has now prevailed, 9-million times over.

The massive snowfalls seen in many parts of the country this season have taken a toll that is often overlooked. Supplies of road salt are dwindling. Our Kevin Tibbles will explain how one community has turned to a vegetable solution to keeping its roads free.

Martin Fletcher continues his reporting from Africa with the story of why many African Americans are beginning the next chapters of their lives in the land of their ancestors.

Finally, there is a familiar buzz back in the air here at our 30 Rockefeller Plaza studios.  Our friends at "Saturday Night Live" are back at work, and tonight will put on their first broadcast since the writers strike ended. And might I add,  in the middle of the presidential primary season, they're back just in time.  NBC's Pat Dawson will report on the anticipation over how the show will parody the current political races.   Welcome back SNL!

In the meantime we hope you'll catch us later for NBC Nightly News.