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When news is the news

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

We had a good many discussions around here today about the New York Times story that appeared on the internet last night (and on the front page today, and at least every hour on cable since then) concerning John McCain. I'd like to hear what you all think about it. I will say it's on days like this that I'm awfully proud of our deliberative process around here, and of the folks who work here, and the different viewpoints they bring to the handling of editorial matters like this one.

At mid-day the pictures started coming in from Belgrade. I hope we are not looking at an extended period of violence, but some people whose opinions I respect believe we might be.

We have a full broadcast planned for tonight -- including a high-interest story on "clean coal"...and another on Al Capone. We'll also deal with the big story in both politics and journalism today. We thank you in advance for joining us tonight.

And for those of you who are hardy residents of Snowbelt states, know this: we're expecting some snow here in the New York area starting tomorrow and into Saturday. I just heard on local radio one school north of New York City has already cancelled tomorrow's classes, 13 hours before the first flake is scheduled to fall! Oh well. Its been a long, dry winter around here.