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If it's Tuesday

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

Here we go again. Another primary night, another chance for the voters to decide the direction of this race. Judging from the tenor of the posts here, this thing keeps going.

When I woke up this morning, looked at my Blackberry, and saw the name "CASTRO" -- I thought to myself: so ends a vestige of the Cold War. Our sworn enemy to the south has met his end with a whimper, wearing an Adidas track suit in a Havana hospital. Like others, I read on -- and was surprised to learn it was not Castro's death, but instead his official resignation announcement, made effectively moot by his transfer of power to brother Raoul 18 months ago. Earlier today on MSNBC we re-ran a short piece we shot during my last trip to Havana, in September of 2006; you can link to it here if you're interested. What you'll see is what happened: we had a finite amount of time, we piled into a car and shot what we could in the space of one parking lot -- before being discovered and chased away. Speaking of Castro, have a look at what Andy Franklin came up with, below: ten American presidents, all speaking of Castro.

Finally, something for you to read -- and hear. It's from space. You may remember the astronaut Dan Tani, whose mother died while he was in orbit aboard the International Space Station. He'll be home tomorrow, but he wrote this -- and recorded it -- while in orbit. When he talks about his late mother, in the 6th paragraph, he does so with soaring simplicity.

We'll have the election and the world (as much of each as we can) covered for you tonight. We'll be back on the air with live updates when they call Wisconsin. Hawaii? If you plan to wait up for the polls to close...it happens at 3:30a Eastern time. Thanks for being with us.