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We get letters...

By Brian Williams, Anchor and managing editor

We're going to make full use of viewer mail tonight -- and we went through a mountain of it to air tonight's representative sample.  Our weeklong series generated the most interesting responses (I've read just about all of them) and we also plan to have some fun with other things people have written to us.

It has been a day of meetings here in New York -- I finally insisted on escaping the building (nowhere to go, just generically "out") and was able to walk exactly 3 blocks down 5th Avenue before the sheer crush of people became too much.  From November 1 to January 2, I do most of my walking in the street -- as many New Yorkers do -- as the sidewalks are jammed with visitors who, shall we say gently, don't walk at quite the same pace. 

Back in the newsroom, we started carefully watching the hostage situation in New Hampshire...and news on a number of other fronts.

When we next see you on Monday, it will be from Seattle. In the meantime, have a great weekend, and please join us for tonight's broadcast.