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Thanksgiving guest

By David Gregory, NBC News Chief White House correspondent

I'm David Gregory sitting in tonight for Brian - Happy Thanksgiving. I'm mixing a little family fun and work today. I took my wife, in-laws and three young children to see the Macy's Parade on the west side of Manhattan this morning. That was an experience! Rolled over a few feet with the SUV-like double stroller (sorry) before catching a wonderful view of the parade from a friend's apartment. My son, who worried we would be late and miss it, was pleased and that is the name of the game.

We'll try to capture the day from here in New York and around the country on this Thanksgiving by looking beyond the fun and family to see what people are doing for others in great need. This is a tense time in the country, on the verge of a busy campaign season and a multi-layered financial crisis that has many retailers wondering just what kind of holiday shopping season they are going to have.

We will also check in on the troops tonight - they are especially missed on the holidays. Their work in Iraq - particularly on a dangerous Baghdad street - is paying off.

I hope you will tune in tonight. Brian is back tomorrow. I'll have his desk straightened out by then.