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We are the world

By Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor

Among the stories in our broadcast tonight: with the dollar reaching another record low against the Euro today, Europeans are streaming into New York. There's proof of this story three floors below us: the lobby of 30 Rock, the plaza beneath the tree, any store or restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. I had lunch today next to an Irish couple -- I met three families from Ireland in Midtown last night. During a two-minute walk to the office this noon, I heard the voices of Scotland, France and Brazil. While much of Broadway is dark, the stores are packed and money is changing hands.

It's probably a good time to thank those of you who have emailed us with kind sentiments for the Thanksgiving holiday...its a good time to take a breath, pause and be with family and friends. If you'll allow me a night off with my family, (and please tune in to see my friend David Gregory, who will be substituting tomorrow night) I'll see you back here Friday night. We've got a great broadcast prepared for this evening. I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.