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Hi. Lots of carry-over from our last entry, on the fight over SCHIP and its young spokesperson and the Syria/Israel/North Korea mystery.. plus scrapping over genuine-ness on Iraq, and speculation about Al Gore hot enough to met the polar ice caps. 

Time Magazine's Karen Tumulty writes up how the blog-driven assault on a seventh-grader backfired on critics of the SCHIP program. Liberal blogger Ezra Klein asked one of the leaders of the attack on the Frost family, Michelle Malkin, to debate the merits of SCHIP.  Malkin explains, quite heatedly, why she refuses to debate. Blogger publius critiques Malkin's answer. And the Frost's hometown paper weighs in.

National Review's Rich Lowry went to Iraq. Salon's Glenn Greenwald comments. And The NYT reports the Marines want to leave Iraq and go to Afghanistan.

Now to one of our favorite topics: the mysterious Israeli raid on Syria. The New York Times led with the story yesterday... raising questions about how reliable Israeli intelligence (which ABC News characterized as "jaw-dropping") on the supposed North Korean/Syrian nuclear weapons program really is. According to the Times Mazetti and Cooper, the Cheney camp is behind the intel, the Rice camp, not so much. And the DPRK studies blog makes an important point about the Times story.. which implies that even though the Rice camp is dubious about the intel, they're not dubious about the nuke factory: "(this) suggests the existence of a Syrian nuclear program is being taken for granted. In realty , where officials disagree is whether or not there is a Syrian nuclear program, if North Korea was assisting them (if there was such a program), and if Israeli intelligence can be trusted.]  Kevin Drum links to the NYT.. but the real news in this post is in comments. Paul Woodward links to an Israeli reporter who actually went to the alleged Syrian site. The Times took note of that today. And hey Iran is weighing in now. On the other hand, the Bashman says Syria is producing nukes is a simple as 2+2 =4 And another breathless narrative of Israel's derring-do emerges.

Politics: John Nichols of the Nation reports on the Draft Gore movement.. on the eve of what might be a Nobel Prize announcement. That possibility has bloggers on the right pretty annoyed. But they're taking some solace in a British judge's ruling that there are 9 scientific errors in "An Inconvenient Truth."

And I know you've been waiting for this: the GOP unveils its '08 convention logo. Nuthin' like a starry-eyed elephant, I always say!