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Nuthin' but 'net: Debate-able, Iran aftermath and condos 50% off!

Hi. Last night's debate on MSNBC has a lot of people using the words "Hillary" and "Inevitability..." but remember what the Sage of Montana Tom Brokaw always, always says about politics: UFO! the UnForseen will Occur! Also: looking back and forward on Iran, and the housing meltdown gets worse.. punctuated by a news report from Miami that's acheived instant icon status on the internet. 

Salon's Tim Grieve lays out the moment where he thinks Hillary really turned into the front-runner (which included her endorsement of the Israeli strike on the alleged Syrian-North Korean nuclear facility. At least she "thinks" she knows that's what it was.) By the way, Senator Clinton also "thought she knew" Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and a nuclear weapons program back in 2002. Just sayin'. (and P.S. not "everybody" believed that stuff at the time.) Hugh Hewitt looked at the same exchange Tim Grieve looked at and pronounces Clinton "feckless." Powerline makes an argument heard in several places this morning: Clinton is running out the clock. But Andrew Sullivan thinks the perception of Clinton as Bionic Woman Who Cannot Be Stopped is overblown. Ed Morrissey at Captain's Quarters thinks the reason the Democrats wouldn't commit to leaving Iraq by-- gulp-- 2013 is because of... General Peteraus. And Blackfive points to a poll showing Americans disapprove of the General Betray-Us ad and tells the "haters on the anti team" to talk to the hand.

Joe Conason reflects on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's trip to New York and offers a prescription for dealng with Iran: "Engage the regime, draw Iran into the world economic system and penetrate its closed borders peacefully to strengthen its civil society and weaken its overgrown theocratic state. Stop making heroes of the villainous mullahs and their puppets, and start dividing the pragmatists and reformers from the fanatics. And mute the threats that in Iranian eyes justify a nuclear weapons program. That would be the beginning of wisdom." Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers fame thinks the coming war with Iran will lead to a police state here at home. Oy. the NYSun's Eli Lake talks to former Cheney aide David Wumser about those allegations that he's behind the "new product rollout (war with Iran). Oh and SpookInTheMachine sees a battle brewing bewteen the President and Vice President and the head of CentCom.

An interesting take on yesterday's Pentagon request for $190 billion more for Iraq.

If you're wondering where Vice President Dick Cheney is, ThinkProgress sort of knows.

David Brooks got quite a bit of attention on his column on how the "netroots" is really irrelevant .. including from Glenn Greenwald. Ouch.

Bill Curry makes a case against Rudy Guiliani.

James Fallows explains why we sould be saying Burma instead of Myanmar. (Hat Tip: Instapundit).

Provocative Questions Department: Is Dan Rather right? (Hat Tip: Cursor.org)

Housing/Mortgages/the Economy now: David Ignatius writes about the dark shadow over global financial markets. CalculatedRisk has a chart-fest on the dismal new home sales number out this morning. The LATimes' LALand blog on the massive glut of unsold homes across the country. (Hat Tip: Implode-O-Meter) Bloomberg quotes Fannie Mae's CEO saying the housing slump will extend through '08 and beyond. And the original "Economic Eeyore" Nouriel Roubini now says he was way too opitimistic on the housing crash. And this YouTube video of a news report of the Miami condo market has been posted everywhere this week... selling real estate at 50% off seems to get people's attention. (Hat Tip: Patrick.net)