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The London/Glasgow investigation and the Libby commutation aftermath continue to dominate our news, and we have our best correspondents on both stories.  We'll have reporting from our London team, and a special look by Andrea Mitchell tonight at this President's legacy.

Richard Engel's reporting last night, from inside a branch of al-Qaida, was truly extraordinary.  As I said earlier today, it was meant to be highlighted inside a large package of terrorism coverage -- but the late Libby news meant a lower position in the broadcast.  I want to stress how much personal courage on Richard's part that reporting represented.  I also spent some time with our colleague Jane Arraf here in New York today.  She is just back from Iraq where she has filed some equally courageous work for IraqSlogger.  For all those who are truly struggling to understand this war, I recommend reading her body of work from this last embedded mission of hers. Richard and Jane  are both very modest about their work, and about the risks they take. [Editor's note: Richard and Jane also both contribute to MSNBC.com's World Blog] They both consider themselves fortunate to be able to chronicle the story of our time.  For a military-eye-view, there's Michael Yon's latest posting -- a truly harrowing outing with some squared-away U.S. forces, including a tank commander who sounds like a piece of work.

Because of the holiday, we will suspend for the Fourth our roll call of Medal of Honor recipients.  I would only ask that as you celebrate the nation's birthday, you keep these 109 men close to your thoughts.

As John Adams famously wrote to his wife Abigail on July 3, 1776 -- as beautifully chronicled by historian/national treasure David McCullough -- Independence Day (which Adams always believed would be celebrated on July 2) should be celebrated across the land with "pomp and parade ... games, sports, guns, bells, bonfire and illuminations."  I plan to do all of that tomorrow.  And while Adams famously never mentioned "visiting your Dad in Jersey," I plan to do that, too.

We hope you will join us for our Tuesday broadcast.  I hope you will forgive me a few days with my family.  Perhaps I will see some of you on a major highway over the next few days.  Have a happy and safe Fourth of July holiday.