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London calling

We received first word from our London bureau that something was up -- and we now know much more about what was discovered and who they are looking for. I'm writing this about 4 minutes after getting off the air with a network special report -- an update on this scary situation in London.  A car loaded with gasoline, compressed gas and roofing nails, a crowded nightclub and a cellphone detonator.  What an awful combination.  British citizens are being told to dial 999, their equivalent of 911, if they see anything suspicious.  We are quite busy assembling our package of coverage for tonight and so this will be a short final post for the week.

While the London story (and its various outgrowths) will dominate tonight, we also have a great report from Jim Maceda, just back from an embed with the very same Stryker brigade that I once spent time with.  The temperature where Jim was with these U.S. soldiers? 140 farenheit -- about the edge of human tolerance, especially considering the work they are doing.

If we have time tonight, we'll look at some of your emails, at immigration, and we'll of course end with our regular Friday "Making a Difference" segment.

I hope you can find time to read about today's Medal of Honor recipient, as we profile all 110 living recipients.  Talk about making a difference.

I would ask only that you have a good weekend, and a safe one.  Remember to take time out to watch Nightly News this weekend, and we'll see you from home base Monday night.   If you're going to be on the road in the New York area between 6 and 7pm tonight, be extra vigilant: my son has a driving lesson scheduled.  Please join us tonight for the Friday edition..