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Battlefield Tour

Good afternoon from New York, where we are busy preparing tonight's NBC Nightly News.

Here in the newsroom we just heard from NBC's Jim Maceda in Baghdad who just returned to our bureau after being given rare access to tour the battlefield with America's top commander in Iraq. He spent the day with Lt. General David Patraeus flying over, and landing in the infamous 'triangle of death" to get a handle on how the troop surge is working.  The video he described to us over the phone sounds amazing, and we look forward to airing Jim's report tonight, and hearing what General Patraeus has to say about where things stand.

Tonight we will also look ahead to an in-depth series our partner the Washington Post is beginning tomorrow on Vice-President Dick Cheney, and in particular his influence in defining the administration's policy on the war on terror.  Our John Yang will look at that, and also at questions being raised about how the VP handles classified documents.

We will update the search for a missing Ohio mother, a story that has been getting wall-to-wall play on the cable networks this week. 

Kerry Sanders will tell us about a showdown brewing in Florida over property taxes, and Lisa Meyers has a story about a US Navy veteran whose trip to Iraq landed him in a secret military prison.

As always, thanks for stopping by the site and checking-in.  I'll see you on TV.