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We arrived in Dallas on an uneventful (for once) and completely food-free (so what else is new?) American Airlines flight from El Paso this morning, and we'll originate the broadcast tonight from nearby Fort Worth, where I'm typing this in a borrowed office at our station here, KXAS-TV, which also houses our NBC News Dallas Bureau.

An early heads-up: we have an extraordinary interview with an Army widow from Texas tonight -- a woman who came to our attention when she mentioned us in her local paper [Read the Killeen Daily Herald stories: Her love of a lifetime | Widow vocal about opinon on war ].  It was such a kind mention that I asked her to meet with us when we arrived here.  She's an extraordinary person with some interesting views on the management of the Iraq war, having lost the man she loved to a sniper.

Brian Williams and Donna Kiernan pause for the camera at Donna's house in Killeen, Texas.
Photo by Subrata De

The news from Iraq today is indeed bad, and Jim Maceda will have our reporting from there.  We have medical news from Robert Bazell, and an interesting story about getting at what's beneath our feet here in Fort Worth.

And we'll continue to follow the Big Adventure of Paul Potts, my favorite story of the last few days -- he's the young man who won the entertainment contest in the U.K. by channeling Pavarotti.  Today he visited New York in something of a daze.

We're one more food-less flight from home, where we will see you from New York tomorrow night.  We hope you can join us for our broadcast from Fort Worth, Texas tonight.