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Nuthin' but 'Net

The day after Memorial Day finds a lot of debate about America's fighting men and women on the blogs and in the papers -- some loud and conspicuous booing at two very different forums -- and some culinary advice for Brian, who's in Boston today.

Salon's Tim Grieve sums up some stats from Memorial Day 2007.

And Powerline reprints Peter Collier in the WSJ's Opinion Journal on "America's Honor."

Spencer Ackerman of Washington Monthly tells Democrats that supporting the troops by bringing them home doesn't fly with the actual troops.

But there was a good deal of dissent among the troops on display on Memorial Day.

And the anti-war Boston University professor Andrew Bacevich, who lost his son in Iraq, writes about the great divide in this country.

Blogger Digby says the terms of the political debate have become twisted beyond definition.

TPM's Muckraker analyzes an Associated Press report on the President's assertions about American public opinion on the war.

And Boston Globe reporter Peter Canellos writes about how GOP '08ers are conflating Iraq and 9/11.

More politics. Someone posts the New York Observer's story that Rudolph Giuliani supporters have been banned from the conservative forum FreeRepublic on Free Republic.

And the Politico explains why social conservatives are embracing the abortion-and-gay-rights-supporting former mayor.

By the way, Digby hated the NYT's front page "Journeys with Giuliani" today.

Steve Clemons' report that Vice President Cheney wants to do an end-run around his boss and gin up a military conflict with Iran has been around for a few days. Does yesterday's meeting between American and Iranian diplomats make this seem more or less credible?

In a diary at DailyKos, Cindy Sheehan bows out as an anti-war spokesperson. (Watch a July 5, 2006 Hardball interview with Sheehan.) Ed Morrissey at Captain's Quarters bids her goodbye, as does Raging_Dave at Four Right Wing Whackos though his goodbye is not as friendly.

Booing in the news: Michelle Malkin blogs about anti-Americanism at the Miss Universe pageant.

And Raw Story links to a video showing that U-Mass graduate students (and faculty) didn't take kindly to the awarding of an honorary degree to former White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card.

Technology corner: the Houston Chronicle comments on what may be the first real-life cyber-war.

And the San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board is creeped out by Google's data gathering.

Kid stuff: John Aravosis at Americablog heaps scorn on Poland's attack on Tinky Winky. And Slate recruits pediatrician Sydney Spiesel to add to the body of knowledge about babies and kids and sleep problems. No, this has nothing to do with (yawn) my life.

And in honor of Brian's trip to the ancestral home of his Dad -- and me -- here's Salon with an interview with beloved Boston Chef Jasper White and a link to his recipes for some of New England's finest fare. Brian, it's "chowdah" and "lobstah" rolls for lunch!