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We're in Boston with beautiful views of the Green Monster, the Charles River, M.I.T., and of course the Citgo sign.  This morning's journey here was an odd confluence: on board the shuttle, I was reading the astounding piece this morning in the Wall Street Journal -- about how air travel is actually slowing down -- meaning: the extraordinary delays now built into the system.  Sure enough, due to "airspace congestion," the 9:30 flight departed at 10:20 -- and everyone on board took the news quietly.  It's hard to pinpoint just when our transportation system got this way, exactly, and when the notion of codified delays become an acceptable part of the American transportation system.  Is it part of the overall "leadership" issue that Lee Iacocca laid out in our interview with him last week?

During our broadcast from here tonight, we'll look at two issues germane to the Commonwealth and of interest to the other 49 states: Romney's health care system here, and what would have been JFK's 90th birthday.  Its hard to picture the former President as a gray (or white) eminence, a classic elder statesman enjoying weekends and grandchildren at the Cape.  Would that it were the case.  We'll talk to historian, author and rabid Red Sox fan Doris Kearns Goodwin.

Justice Ginsberg's reading of her dissent from the bench today attracted a lot of attention to the Supreme Court's pay equity decision, and we'll look at that tonight.  And of urgent note: this quarantine of a virulent TB case -- and those who may have been "fellow travelers" without knowing it.

We'll update the whales in California, the situation in Venezuela, and the spike in violence in Iraq.

Please remember to read today's profile of Medal of Honor recipient Don Ballard, as we continue to publish all 110 profiles of the living recipients of the Medal.

And so, from the shadow of the Green Monster, we hope you will join us tonight for NBC Nightly News.