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Sunday's broadcast

Those of us who witnessed -- either first-hand or on television -- the devastation from Hurricane Katrina still remember the images of residents suffering along the Gulf Coast. So we took notice of today's Washington Post, which reports that, in the wake of that disaster, the U.S. government either turned down or lost track of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of aid from foreign governments -- everything from medical supplies to search-and-rescue teams to cash. Why would the U.S. turn away help when so many of its own were in need? NBC's Martin Savidge, who reported from New Orleans in the aftermath of the storm, will explain and bring us reaction from the Crescent City.

Meanwhile, in Oakland, Calif., a massive fuel-tanker explosion overnight has literally melted away a highway overpass leading to the Bay Bridge, causing big headaches for the estimated 280,000 commuters who used that road everyday. (Officials say it could take months to fix.) The explosion is also raising questions about the integrity of America's highways -- and the delicate missions so many truckers run on a daily basis: transporting hazardous chemicals along our increasingly crowded roads. We'll get an update from NBC's Cheryl Hurd, who's on the scene tonight.
Finally, chances are you've downloaded one of those quirky home-video clips now famous on YouTube -- or know someone who has. It turns out some of those "web celebrities" are now raking in big dollars and media contracts even in their short brushes with fame. We'll close out the broadcast tonight with that report from our own Rehema Ellis.