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A presidential groove

The White House is home to history of course, but sometimes those unexpected "firsts" are the stuff to make your head turn and your feet tap.

Today was one of those days. The president and Mrs. Bush hosted the first-ever Malaria Awareness Day. While there was serious conversation about fighting a deadly disease, the event in the sun-filled Rose Garden was capped with jubilant entertainment.

The Kankouran West African Dance Troupe performed while the president sat in the front row. At first, the president's head bobbed to the rhythmic beat, his foot tapped and his hands clapped, but just a little off beat.

But more was to come. The group invited the president forward and there was no turning back. Click here or on the image to watch.

Whether he really wanted to or not, President Bush began to move, arms in the air, hips side-to-side. The president was dancing! Mrs. Bush was dancing, too, but almost unnoticed because it was hard to look away from the presidential groove. Perhaps feeling or at least looking self conscious, the president shifted to a drum solo for a big finish that appeared to please his guests and the photographers.