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What a strange feeling to have landed on an American flight from O'Hare to LaGuardia a few minutes ago -- and to now be sitting in my office in 30 Rock watching Oprah -- the reason I went to Chicago today with our News Division President, Steve Capus, to explain our decision process on the release of materials on the Virginia Tech massacre.  Oprah is as she is often described: smart, gracious and brilliant at what she does for a living.

The only tough part of our journey here from Chicago was the last six blocks -- President Bush's visit to New York has the East Side of Manhattan bottled up this afternoon.

The news we are surveying for tonight includes a very rough day in Iraq and, as a result, at Ft. Bragg.  Last night's news about David Halberstam (I got first word, without the required second confirmation, early in last night's broadcast during a commercial break) was absolutely stunning. What a sad end to such a noted American life, and a towering career in journalism.

At this point I'm off to the newsroom.  Two more events after work tonight, another flight tomorrow night, the Democratic debate in South Carolina Thursday -- and then hopefully some time to lay low. We are closely watching the prison situation in Indiana.  We will have it all for you tonight on Nightly News -- we hope you can join us.