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This morning, about five miles outside of Roanoke, Va., I watched a Nissan pickup truck merge into traffic in front of us on the interstate. I noticed there was something written on the rear cab window.  When we got closer, I was able to read what it was -- just one word, written in white shoe polish on the glass:  WHY? 
None of the passing motorists had to ask what it pertained to.  And considering it was one word, written on the back of a truck in white liquid shoe polish, it spoke volumes.

Tonight, the massacre at Virginia Tech continues to dominate our news, and we will have some new reporting on the subject. (See below for more information.)

This was decision day at the Supreme Court -- and in a decision that millions of Americans will slowly take in (a decision court experts and scholars will study for years to come), the court issued its most important abortion ruling in years -- perhaps decades.

This was a staggeringly violent day in Baghdad.  Richard Engel will report on that.

Those stories will dominate our newscast tonight -- of course there is other news -- including the loss of Kitty Carlisle Hart.

We hope you can join us for the Wednesday broadcast of NBC Nightly News.

NBC News has indeed received what I would call a "multimedia manifesto" from the gunman.  We received it today, and immediately handed it over to Federal law enforcement authorities.  We are still going over our own copy -- its a lot of material -- we are talking with law enforcement, our own standards people -- and Pete Williams, our Justice Correspondent, will join me live on the broadcast to go through the material.