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There are several facets of the military effort in Iraq that deserve our time and attention tonight. On top of that, our own Andrea Mitchell is the only television correspondent accompanying the bi-partisan mission to North Korea.

We have an exclusive story tonight from Lisa Myers -- the juxtaposition of hallowed American ground and what many are calling a profound injustice to workers. In addition to her journalism as it will air on Nightly News tonight, she has prepared extra components for exclusive web viewing: Video 1 | Video 2 

We'll keep some of the rest of the details of tonight's effort to ourselves until we can share them with you in real time. The topic below will be included in the broadcast as well.


Don Imus is asking for forgiveness after making a horrible, deplorable joke, about innocent young women -- college athletes -- who have achieved great success, deserve only our accolades, and are guilty of nothing. He is asking that he be judged by what is "in his heart" rather than the hateful words that came out of his mouth last week.  Making this especially difficult: the obvious fact that many of us have been on-air guests of his, a relationship both sides have benefited from over the years.  His comments and the anger and damage they have caused have sparked a furor... a heated conversation -- in media and society -- in this building and elsewhere -- and tonight Correspondent Rehema Ellis will report on the state of it.  Ron Allen has written an extremely well thought-out post on this topic in this space...one need only read the responses to Ron's post to see how complicated and emotional the debate is on this topic.

We hope you can join us for the Monday edition of NBC Nightly News.