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Spring Chill

Across the country there is ice and frost gathering on those colorful Easter eggs.  Here in the newsroom we were all staring at our monitors shaking our heads as we watched heavy snowflakes fall behind correspondents gathered near the President's ranch in Crawford, Texas.  Some parts of the country will see Easter temperatures that are colder than what they experienced at Christmas. A knit cap may be more practical than the traditional bonnets for some tomorrow. We're gathering pictures from around the country for a complete round-up on this strange April weather.

Also tonight, more Americans who were on board that cruise ship that sank in Greece have returned home with some amazing stories.  We're watching that.  Plus we've got two very strong reports tonight on service and sacrifice. A family who has sent three sons to war in Iraq, and the reaction of some National Guard troops who have just learned they're headed back to war zone a lot sooner than they expected.

I hope you can join us tonight.