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Thursday outlook

There may be a bit of a scrum where the lead story is concerned tonight. While there's bad news out of Iraq, there are also other major developments. We're just learning the first details about those captured Brits (in case you missed it, Ret. Col Jack Jacobs, Medal of Honor recipient, leveled some interesting criticism at the British government on MSNBC today for its handling of all this -- and an Army Ranger friend of mine was highly critical of the behavior of the crew), who flew home commercially today on British Airways, in Club World no less. Domestically, I've asked Andrea Mitchell to take a good hard look at this weird week so far. Chrysler is on the block -- and now we may have a case of German parents asking various suitors what their plans are for their "baby." A familiar name entered the potential bidding today for one of the storied nameplates in the auto business. Our long-delayed piece by Mike Taibbi is ready to air, and I promise you an honest and (unintentionally) gripping account of the war in microcosm. Also, Anne Thompson has what might be the most interesting trend story of the evening: the explosion in the number of "office chaplains" across the country -- as faith follows more people (more openly than ever) to work. I highly recommend viewing what Anne has prepared for tonight.


Funny, the people you run into in Queens. James Gandolfini is a three-time Emmy winner who in person happens to be terribly interested in the news and the situation in Iraq. I am currently at my desk writing the rather lengthy segment that will air on TODAY tomorrow (we believe in the 8 a.m. hour) on the show as an American television phenomenon and our time earlier this week with the cast and creator. We'll run a shorter version on our own broadcast tomorrow night. It's all one big excuse for me to hang with those guys... and Edie.

We hope you can join us for tonight's NBC Nightly News.

Photo by NBC's Subrata De.