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Back to the future

If it's indeed true that a week is a year in politics, then the election is still decades away. Nonetheless, the only standards of measurement we use at this stage are polling and fund-raising. On the latter front, we heard today from the Obama campaign -- and the net of it is: the Clinton campaign has company at the top.

Overseas, the "Britain 15" are out. But not before a long, strange news conference by the Iranian president, and not before being forced to wear aggressively bad suits while cameras recorded their understandable joy at being released. No one in an official position is able to speak freely yet -- not until the 15 have departed Iranian air space tomorrow. Once they've left the crime scene, only then will we begin hearing some of the details. What did the Brits say to the Iranians? What other nations were involved? What about the central charge that they were in Iranian waters? Was this all about the Iranian president's "power base" domestically?

It's official: Chrysler, as venerable as any American nameplate, is for sale. Tonight we'll ask: What was that whole Daimler thing about?

Anne Thompson tonight has what I find to be one of the more interesting (and perhaps troubling) stories out there of late: the disappearing honeybees -- and the amount of American food and commerce that depends on these little creatures.

One programming note: due to purely logistical reasons (specifically satellite feed points and problems getting pictures halfway around the world from a battle zone) the Mike Taibbi piece I previewed in this space yesterday will not be in our hands to air until tomorrow.

And my thanks to the members of Professor Ludlum's journalism class at New York University today for being such a great audience and such aggressive questioners. I left my mid-day appearance there with renewed faith in our shared craft.

We hope you'll join us for Nightly News tonight.