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Tension Rising

We are following developments in Iran today... where the Iranian government is detaining those 15 British sailors and marines.  There are reports that Iran may consider putting them on trial.  NBC's Stephanie Gosk will have the latest from London.

The pet food recall is growing... another brand of dog food has been added to the list.  NBC's John Larson has that story.

CNBC's Scott Cohn reports on America's new cash crop... corn.

In Nicaragua tonight... the story of an American convicted of rape and murder.  NBC's Kerry Sanders reports on why the case may not be clear-cut.

NBC's Janet Shamlian tells us about a troubled housing market… some homes going for less than the cost of a car… and they're still not selling.

And they're calling it the Arabic version of American Idol... tonight NBC's Tom Aspell tells us how one woman from Iraq... who won the competition... is bringing people together in Iraq.

It's all coming up tonight.  We hope you'll join us.