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News on all fronts

We have a number of different options for the top of the broadcast tonight. Today was a travel day, back from Washington after the Correspondents' Dinner. I arrived back in New York and had to immediately take part in a film shoot in Times Square for an NBC project. Then it was off to the pre-editorial meeting... followed by the actual editorial meeting. Among the stories afoot tonight: a big credit scam story, the Gonzales story on the Hill (briefly interrupted today), the fallout from the speech by the Saudi King, and the Iran drama -- which seemed to ratchet up today despite calls last night for cooler heads to prevail. Among the more interesting print stories of the day was an A-section piece in this morning's Washington Post about the new (and sadly fatal) targeting of the Green Zone in Baghdad. The rockets and mortars over there are so random -- and life in the Green Zone can give all inhabitants a false sense of security -- and the combination can be awful.  All it takes is one insurgent with a fast car, decent aim and a small, portable rocket launcher to turn a corner of the Green Zone into a battlefield.

I wanted to draw special attention to a segment we're planning for tonight: Anne Thompson, who went public in this space about her successful battle with breast cancer, will talk about it tonight on Nightly News. As familiar as she is to all of you, she's a member of our family -- and those of us who were aware of what was happening watched her face up to this challenge with the courage of an infantryman. I look forward to having Anne on tonight.

I hope you can join us for the Thursday edition of our broadcast.