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Tuesday's outlook

I have just come from a board meeting in a stiflingly hot meeting room inside a Midtown Manhattan Hotel. It might as well be a summer day in New York. Now, two hours from air, I begin the re-immersion into the broadcast I last checked in on more than two hours ago.

The public discussion of cancer now includes another public figure. When Tony Snow's deputy told the press corps about the result of her boss's surgery yesterday, she broke into tears. The President said today he is praying for his friend and press secretary now that Tony Snow's cancer has returned. We are all thinking of Tony and want him to be strong. David Gregory will cover this story for us tonight. Tony Snow would be the first person to remind us (as would Elizabeth Edwards) that the story here is one of chronic disease, and the Americans living with cancer on an almost routine, daily basis. The story is this disease... and its steady march and high cost.

The Iran situation is heating up -- and if anything this story was covered as LESS than what it is today. These naval exercises by the U.S. (coming while the Brits are being held) are NOT the routine type we are used to. Blair of Britain today warned of a "new phase" of this if his troopers are not released. The Americans have a huge hand in anything happening in those waters and in that region, and this story ratcheted up in importance as the day went on.

We have excellent reporting tonight on matters of transportation, the military, identity theft, marriage and China -- to name just a few.

And since I've received a lot of inquiries about the Medal of Honor, please allow me to suggest a book. Here is the link, and it includes a DVD. I have given away a slew of them as gifts (the proceeds are used to care for the health and well-being of Medal of Honor recipients, among the topics just covered at our board meeting), and I promise the stories in the book, and on the DVD, will remain with you always. As one recipient put it just today, "it's about honoring the people who found it within themselves -- the potential within all of us." In each case, someone is alive because of the sacrifice and bravery of the recipient. The book will make it easy to understand why these men have come to mean so much to me, and why it's an honor to work with them and for them.
Onward. We have a broadcast to do, and we hope you will join us for Nightly News tonight.