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We are following the latest developments in Iran tonight. As the U.N. Security Council decides whether or not to place new sanctions on Iran, British officials are demanding that Iran release 15 British Marines and sailors who were captured by the Iranians this week. NBC's Rehema Ellis is following that story.

Also, there's new information on how the U.S. Army handled Pat Tillman's death. He's the pro football player turned soldier who was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan. A new report says nine officers including four generals could be held accountable for mistakes that were made following Tillman's death. NBC's John Yang reports.

We'll also discuss the latest development in the controversy surrounding Attorney General Alberto Gonzales with NBC's Political Director Chuck Todd.

On Friday, 13 tornadoes ripped through Texas and New Mexico Friday injuring 16 people and causing some serious damage. Gadi Schwartz of NBC affiliate KOB in Albuquerque, N.M., is following the story for us.

Elizabeth Edwards was out on the campaign trail with her husband and presidential candidate John Edwards Saturday, just two days after she announced that her cancer has returned. NBC's Jennifer London has that story.

NBC's Ian Williams has a candid look at the people of Iran tonight, and NBC's Lisa Myers tells us about a new investigation that has found that some doctors and other medical providers who owe more than $1 billion dollars in back taxes are still collecting money from medicare.

Plus NBC's Don Teague reports on the factory that makes Purple Heart medals that are awarded to service members wounded in combat.

It's all coming up tonight. We'll see you then.