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Tomorrow marks the four-year anniversary of the war in Iraq.  Insurgent attacks continue… and the deaths of at least 7 more U.S. soldiers were announced.  We'll look at the cost of this war... and Tom Aspell will report from Baghdad. (See our complete online coverage here.)

John Yang will be at the White House covering the war at home.  Thousands take to the streets across the country in protest of the war… while lawmakers debate the future over this morning's news talk shows.  We'll also talk to CNBC's Chief Washington Correspondent, John Harwood.

Also tonight, Peter Alexander will have an update on today's high gas prices, along with a look ahead.

Jim Maceda has an inside look of Baghdad's makeshift medical centers.  Iraqi's continue to struggle to get even the BASIC medical care… Now US Army Medics care for civilians as part of a new effort to win over the hearts and minds of Iraqi's by tending to broken bodies.