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Chlorine Attack

We are following new development in Iraq tonight.  In the Anbar province 3 suicide bombers with chlorine-laden trucks killed 2 Iraqi policemen... and forced 350 others to seek treatment for exposure to the gas.  NBC's Tom Aspell is in Baghdad.

Also... we'll show you the war protests in Washington and other cities today.

We're following the latest controversy surrounding U.S. Attorney General Gonzales.  There have been calls from Democrats and one Republican lawmaker for his resignation.  NBC's John Yang has that story.

The impact of the big winter storm that hit the northeast last night is still being felt today.  Airlines canceled hundreds of flights... and stranded passengers were still hoping for a way out of airports today.   NBC's Ron Allen reports.

There's been a recall for 46 brands of dog food and 37 brands of cat food in the U.S.  Authorities are concerned that the food could cause kidney failure in the animals.  NBC's Peter Alexander reports.

Plus... NBC's Anne Thompson reports on a doctor with a mobile medical RV ... who is taking health care to people who need it along the Katrina ravaged gulf coast.

NBC's Ian Williams tells us what some Iranian people are saying about the U.S.

And we'll have the story of one woman… who went searching for her long lost relatives... and was surprised by who she found.

It's all coming up tonight. We hope to see you then.