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A flurry of a Wednesday

I always feel apologetic when the day's post is on the truncated side, as it is today. I envision disappointing our loyal readers (Olivia and Amanda come to mind), but I know I more than make up for it on other days, when I veer off into music reviews and contemporary non-fiction. The truth is, I have been going since I walked in the door this morning. It's 4:22 p.m. and I may not have attended my last meeting of the day. Somewhere in my remaining hours in this building, I will find time to help put together tonight's broadcast. Luckily, we have a room full of smart producers and bureaus all over the world to help do just that.

We've been watching the market today and we'll talk about that tonight. Yesterday's downward arrow was briefly harrowing -- any drop that outruns the mechanism to track it is harrowing -- but today the market behaved, despite downward overnight trends from Asia. My favorite story of the day? No question about it. Terry Hunt of the Associated Press on the unnamed source aboard the vice president's plane. Tonight we'll get an update on the Iran angle and we will have another of Robert Bazell's reports from the hospitals at the front in Iraq. Peter Alexander has a good story on equipment firefighters depend on -- and we have two additional features that come from today's news. From the "Breaking News" banner on cable just now, it looks like Anna Nicole Smith may indeed be buried after all. Just when you think you're having a bad day...

We do have some exciting news here: Tonight's NBC Nightly News will be seen live in India on CNBC/TV18 making it the only American evening news broadcast to be seen on the sub-continent.
CNBC/TV18 reaches 30 million households in India and CNBC is more widely seen than any other English language news program in India. The broadcast is already seen across Europe on CNBC/London, and with inclusion of the new audience in India, we now reach in excess of 60 million homes outside the U.S.

Maybe we will pick up a few new blog readers. So there's that!

Please join us for our Wednesday broadcast tonight.