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Tracking the Storm

A major winter storm is affecting a big part of the country tonight... and moving east.  Air travelers are facing big problems tonight... as hundreds of flights have been canceled.  Right now the storm is moving up the east coast.  NBC's Lisa Daniels has that story.  NBC's Don Teague will have more on the tornados that hit Arkansas last night.

In Iraq more violence today... and more deaths.  And we are getting late word that the President of Iraq has suffered a stroke and has been flown to Jordan for treatment.  NBC's Jane Arraf is in Baghdad tonight.

NBC's John Yang looks at the debate in Washington over the war.

After watching the Anna Nicole Smith court hearing unfold in Florida last week... there are some who are raising questions about cameras in the courtroom.  NBC's Michelle Kosinski reports.

CNBC's Sharon Epperson reports about a little known tax... and a refund that many taxpayers don't even know about.

And NBC's Stephanie Gosk reports on one art historian's personal Da Vinci code.

It's all coming up tonight.  See you then.